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Let’s talk!

“It’s OK to NOT feel OK”

You don’t have to struggle on your own anymore. Sharing thoughts and concerns in a safe, confidential environment allows you time to explore feelings honestly and openly, as much or as little as you wish.

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, alone, isolated or struggling with your mental health?. Don’t struggle on your own.

Would you like to manage your emotions better and find ways to feel more positive and start to take control of your mental health?

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore what we are actually feeling and to notice what our body is telling us. Noticing what we are feeling is very important for our mental health. Our mental health can change over time when we are suddenly faced with demands or changes in our circumstances. Not everyone can find resources or are able to cope with sudden changes on their own. We need support from our friends, family or someone who can listen to us without being judgemental or telling us to snap out.

We may feel lost, powerless, ashamed, alone, guilty or even blame ourselves. Many more thoughts can keep on entering our mind without our permission and we can’t find ways to stop unwanted or unhelpful thoughts multiplying.

Struggling with mental health problem isn't a sign of weakness. We can’t suddenly recover or be freed from some negative or undesirable condition and emotions that we are feeling. Mental health affects our thinking, emotions and behaviours. Some of us may experience extreme and unexpected changes in our mood; such as feeling more sad or worried than normal. For others, it means not being able to think clearly, not being able to communicate with others, or have the ability to explain what we are feeling. Everyone has mental health.

We may feel scared to ask for help with our mental health as we are sometimes made to believe that we will be given medications which may come with unwanted side effects or we may end up taking them for the rest of our lives. Seeking counselling or talking therapy support might be very new to us and we may not feel comfortable talking to a stranger. It’s okay to talk. Why not give it a go. You can email me at Kantacounselling@yahoo.co.uk or by telephone on 07561 368 389.

Few steps you can take while you decide to seek help either for yourself or someone you know

Listen to your body and accept what you’re feeling. Don’t ignore warning signs or worry about what others will think or say. If you suddenly lose interest in activities that you previously enjoyed, feeling anxious or nervous doing things which seemed normal and simple before. Not wanting to socialise, self-harming or having increased negative thoughts. If someone you know is struggling with mental health problems then talk to them gently and find out all you can about their conditions and with their permission talk to someone who can help them.

People may become extremely quiet or withdrawn. They may suddenly burst into tears and may seem angry or very anxious.

A = be alert to what you are feeling and sensing
B = take few slow and deep breaths if you suddenly feel anxious and start to panic
C = call someone for help, connect with people, it’s okay to ask for help

If I could be of any help to you, or you feel that we could work together, I can be contacted via email at Kantacounselling@yahoo.co.uk or by telephone on 07561 368 389. Also, let me know when it would be suitable for us to talk. Stay safe.

I offer online and telephone counselling service.

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